Sustainable House Day – A Review


As you would be aware from my previous posts, Sunday 8th September was Sustainable House Day here in Australia.

We decided to register our house as open for the event and were happy to show people the features of both the house and garden.  We had 4 groups of people come to visit and while the number may seem disappointing, there are some very positive ways of looking at this.

  • We were able to spend time in direct one to one conversation with the visitors
  • Security issues were not a concern
  • The people who came were really interested and committed to making a difference in their own homes

I was pleased that 3 of the groups were young couples who appeared to have clear visions of what they wanted to achieve and we hope that seeing what we have achieved with our property went at least some way to inspiring them.

I do not anticipate registering next year as we are likely to be on holidays.  If I decided to participate in the future, I would definitely do more to promote the day, particularly with the local council.  I was surprised by the lack of organised promotion of the overall day, especially since it has been an annual event for more than 10 years.  A lot of the advertising seemed to be left up to the individual homeowner and unfortunately I was interstate for the week immediately prior to the event.  This was due to circumstances beyond my control.

Other Stuff

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I have not totally forgotten you all but I have been busy with other stuff.  I travelled interstate for family reasons and then had a work conference to attend so I have not been hanging out in The Castle much lately.

However, I am back and will be putting the finishing touches to our property in preparation for Sustainable House Day on Sunday.

You may also have noticed that I have added a link ‘Accommodation at The Castle’ at the top of the blog.  This will take to links to our AirBnB entry for our guest room.

I hope to be back with a ‘real’ post before too long.

Thanks for your patience.

Sustainable House Day 2013


Sustainable House Day 2013 is an opportunity to check out a variety of dwellings in your area with sustainable features.  You can check out the website here.

We have chosen to be involved and are included in this list.  If you are in the area and would like to see ‘The Castle’ in real life please come and say hello.


I am looking forward to being able to show people some of the features of our house and garden which reduce our impact on the environment and invariably save us money at the same time.