Shopping For Scraps


Today I went to 2 op shops looking for fabric suitable for my patchwork project.

Here is what I found.

A skirt

2012-05-17 02A dress

A blouse

2012-05-17 04A single bed sheet

2012-05-17 052 identical U-shaped pillowcases

2012-05-17 06And a ruffled single bed valance.

These will all be washed and unpicked ready to use.  The valance is big enough to use for the entire backing of the quilt.

Although these items were not super cheap it will still be quite a frugal project. I will mix and match them with existing pieces from my collection.

Thanks to Froogs at Frugal Queen for the inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Shopping For Scraps

  1. Recycling, helping a good cause and being able to live on a lot less 🙂 Op shops are wonderful. I spent part of today cutting up squares for a quilt from pre-loved items 🙂

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