Filling the Freezer


I am putting the disaster of my photos behind me and moving on.

This week is going back to the basics of the things I do.

We have a refrigerator with a freezer section as well as a small upright freezer which is the size of a bar fridge.  It has been turned off and not used for a couple of months as I simply did not need it and it seemed pointless to be wasting electricity when I could fit everything in the other freezer.  However, I turned it back on last night as I opened a large, catering-size tin of crushed tomatoes and divided them into portions to freeze.

Frozen tomatoes

I also cooked a quantity of refried-beans in the slow-cooker.

Re-fried beans

Tonight I removed the frozen blocks of tomatoes from their containers and placed them in a double bag.  These are old bread bags that have been washed and re-used many times.

Frozen tomatoes - baggedThe containers were then re-used to freeze the refried beans.

Refried beans - ready to freeze

There was some leftover quiche which I portioned up for my lunches and 2 pieces are ready for the freezer.

Quiche to freeze

The plastic sheet to separate the slices is from cereal packaging.  I rarely buy prepacked cereal of any kind but these have been saved and rewashed many times.  I store them in a bag in the kitchen drawer when they are not in use.

The freezer is not full yet but I will be working on that over the coming days.


Of course, there are many other things in the freezer such as meat, cooked rice, spreadable butter, grated cheese and sliced bread.

What is in your freezer?

13 thoughts on “Filling the Freezer

  1. Good on you for moving forward with your posting despite how you are feeling with the loss of your photos. Blogs can be fiddly things. I think every blogger has a disaster of some sort to talk about. I changed my domain name about 12 months in, then had to go and retitle every blog post and one day I have to go back through and re-attach all the photos again (they are still sitting against the old domain name and once I don’t renew it, the photos in my earlier posts all go along with it). Just do a few every day and before you know it, you’ll have them back.

    Re freezer space – I like to use freezer space to store bread, butter, pastry sheets, lunches in round Décor containers, diced bacon, diced onion, etc. Along with pies, pasties, nuggets and ice cream (none of which are homemade – but I have plans to one day make my own!).

  2. Gee I like the sound of those re-fried beans! It’s a juggle isn’t it sometimes? I’ve been trying to work out which would be more economical, running a small freezer similar to yours and when its on making sure its chocked full and turn off when not needed or running a second fr/freezer with freezer at the top. Would have to run all the time. I think the small freezer a better option as it also motivates the making and using of much more nutritional items.

  3. Hi Fairy. I have the same freezers as you. The one above the fridge is mainly full of containers with leftovers, plus small amounts of meat, like the odd 2 sausages from a kilo, or the one too many rissoles I made, plus small packets like half kilos of frozen peas and corn for the grandchildren’s visits. The small upright is mostly filled with bulk purchases of meat. I currently also have several cakes in there and several sourdough loaves. I recently received a portion of “Herman” from my daughter in law via the community. I use the culture each ten days to make cakes and sourdough bread for us and for my daughter.
    You can fill the empty spaces in the upright fridge with bottles of water which will cut down on power bills until you can fill it with food. The bottles can then be used for icepacks. We do this regularly, and the grandchildren love it when grandpa takes iced water out with them on picnics and car rides etc.

  4. I have a freezer at the top of my fridge and a fairly big upright freezer and they are chocka. What is in them? Buns, bread, muffins, cake for guests only, english muffins, banana for ice-cream, apple slices, bags of berries, peas, beans and mixed veges, corn and ready cooked eggplant, lots of frozen fresh fish from the market, some red meat and chicken, cooler bricks for the esky, DH’s bait for fishing, capsicum…red for winter when its so expensive. The small freezer has all the bibs and bobs like homemade stock and chutney, coconut cream, tomato paste, curry, lemon etc in cubes, ginger and garlic pre chopped,juice, cream etc.

  5. Good for you. I don’t have my freezer yet, another week it should arrive, when it does I will be using it to stock up on produce to last through winter. I will also use it for leftovers rather than having a separate fridge.

  6. Cheese! My little freezer is packed with the stuff – both hand grated (well food processor) and pre grated. Then there’s some dumplings, some spinach, and some very old red (cooked) cabbage… I must get through this in the next week and a half before I move!

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