A Packed Lunch


I pack our lunches (and breakfasts) each day for work but I am usually in a rush so the camera is the last thing on my mind.  This morning I had a little more time and I remembered to grab the camera.

001This is what GMan took today.  Banana, apple, 2 Vitabrits and psyllium husk, 2 slices bread, almonds and raisins, baked beans, grapefruit.

He always has 2 pieces of fruit, dried fruit and nuts for snacks.  Lunch can be baked beans, flavoured tuna, salad, soup or leftovers.  He generally has Vitabrits for breakfast but I had prepared a grapefruit yesterday so the Vitabrits were kept for tomorrow.

Sometimes I feel like I am packing the same old thing every day but we are happy to take our packed lunches and save around $10/day each on bought lunches.  That is $200/fortnight that we can use for other expenses.  The other benefit is that it is all packed in reuseable containers and ziplock bags so we are minimising any waste.

We are lucky that we both have access to refrigerators and microwave ovens at work.

Do you take a packed lunch?

2 thoughts on “A Packed Lunch

  1. Oh yes, I’m a committed ‘BYO’ lunch person, with usually one piece of fruit if there’s one on hand, and lately, a square of dark chocolate (cause it saves me buying a bar, and the quantity is less, so it’s an improvement). I often work at depots without nearby lunch places, and I find it hard to decide on a meal on the fly on a weekday AND THEN likely drive there, or walk a fair distance. The BF, on the other hand, often skips the leftovers for a bought Pad See Ew or a Schnitzel. I almost always make sure there’s enough for him to take lunch, but his money 😉

    • It sounds as though you have the lunches sorted. I hear you on being in locations where it is difficult to buy lunch even if you wanted to.

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