Running Repairs

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Both GMan and I have have some really old clothes which we wear when we are gardening or doing other outdoor jobs.

Last weekend we were busy building a new hen house and we both managed to cause some damage which necessitated some mending.  After the clothes were washed today I set about repairing them.

Here are the ‘before’ shots.

2016-01-06 01

I ripped a 3 cornered tear in the back of my cotton trousers.  They are very thin and some would say they are not worth repairing.

2016-01-06 02

Gman’s patched trousers had a different problem – the stitching of the crotch seam below the zip gave way.  I think the thread had just worn out.

Here is a close-up view.

2016-01-06 03

I started with my trousers and placed a patch on the inside using double-sided iron-on interfacing.

2016-01-06 04

Zig-zag stitching over the tear plus around the edge of the patch and the job was complete.

2016-01-06 05
This is the view from the right side.

2016-01-06 06

For the crotch seam I sewed a seam from the wrong side and then 2 rows of stitching from the right side.  Like many of my mending jobs, it won’t win a prize but it is effective and extends the life of the garment.

2016-01-06 07

Do you mend clothes?


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