Dinner – Bean Tacos

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There is no real recipe for dinner tonight.  We had tacos and salad.  Sometime I fill the tacos with spicy beef mince or shredded chicken.  Tonight was a vegetarian version with refried beans.  I make these from scratch in the slow cooker using dried beans.  It is a very economical recipe and freezes exceptionally well.

I simply heated the taco shells, half filled them with the hot bean mixture and topped it with grated cheese.  You can use whatever salad you have available but this is what I had.  Lettuce, cherry tomatoes and peach/capsicum salsa and some fried mushrooms.

2016-02-02 01

The peach and capsicum salsa was a new and successful recipe tonight.  Although most people regard tomatoes as the base of salsa, it can really be almost any combination of finely chopped fruits and vegetables.  I have used avocado, tomato, corn, mango, capsicum and red onion at various times.  I usually add a squeeze of lime juice or lemon if that is all I have and a pinch of chilli powder.  While this will horrify the purists, we really enjoy it.  Tonight I chopped a small peach and a piece of capsicum then added lemon juice and chilli powder.

2016-02-02 02

The other thing I wanted to show you was my salad spinner.  I am not a great fan of single purpose gadgets but this is definitely worthwhile.  I bought it from Aldi for $6.95 after seeing my sister use one.

2016-02-02 03

Being able to dry off the lettuce quickly means that I can pack it all into a lidded container where it will keep for at least 7-10 days.  If the lettuce is wet when it is stored it will quickly begin to go slimy.  This is important when you are preparing food for just two of you as it can easily take that long to use a full lettuce.

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