A Cleaning Plan – Or Not?

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Some people work to a plan for cleaning.  It could be vacuuming on Monday, dusting on Tuesday and so on or a room at a time.  Perhaps a schedule of things to do on a weekly or monthly basis.

I do not follow any set routine but tend to do things as required or more importantly, when I have time.

Today was one of those completely unexpected cleaning moments.  I was hanging out washing and noticed that there was some debris in the peg bag which hangs on my laundry trolley.  So I tipped all of the pegs into a bucket of soapy water and washed them.  Then I emptied all of the dirt and a mud wasp nest out of the bag and washed it, too.

Here are the pegs spread out to dry on an old towel.

2016-03-20 01

You can see how much the fabric has faded even though the trolley and bag are always on the verandah out of the weather.  The buttons were red originally as can be seen from the back of the button.

2016-03-20 02

The bag replaced on the handle of the trolley and filled with pegs.

2016-03-20 03

Some of the cane on the handle of the basket is broken and I am trying to decide how best to mend that.  I will write a blog post about that when I get around to doing it.

One thought on “A Cleaning Plan – Or Not?

  1. Hi Fairy, I have a little and often approach to cleaning. So I do a bit every morning and evening (basically quickly wiping over bathrooms once a day, getting the laundry folded and put away, picking up the house) then I spend less than two hours once a week doing a more indepth clean. This keeps everything nicely up to date. I also clean things if I notice they badly need it, but find that my little and often routine keeps most things under control.

    I enjoy reading about how you mend and repair things! That wicker basket is really nice and I’ll be interested to see how you tackle the handle repair…

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