A Bulk Buy

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As you know, I am not a great fan of shopping.  However, there are still things that need to be purchased.

I needed more eucalyptus oil which is an ingredient of the homemade cleaner and wool wash that I make.  It is also a useful disinfectant and aid for removing labels from jars and the resultant glue residue.  Needless to say, I use a bit of it and was keen to buy a larger quantity than the 200ml bottle that I had recently emptied.

After some online searching we managed to source a 4 litre bottle in Australia.  It is the same brand as the previous bottle and was significantly cheaper.  In fact, I calculated that it cost about 60% of the cost of buying an equivalent volume in 200ml bottles from one of the major supermarkets.

2018-03-10 01

Although it is in a plastic container, this quantity will last me a lifetime and I will not be buying any more 200ml plastic bottles of eucalyptus oil.

I understand that many people would not be interested in buying this sort of quantity as there is a significant financial investment as well as storage issues.  Neither of these are a particular problem for me so I am happy to have been able to buy a large quantity of eucalyptus oil.

If you live in my vicinity and would like a smaller portion of this eucalyptus oil, please let me know and I will let you know all of the details including pricing which will be the same as I paid.  I am not doing this to make a profit but simply to give others the opportunity to access eucalyptus oil with minimal packaging in quantities that are appropriate to your needs.

**Please note that this is labelled ‘Commercial Grade’ and the directions are for use in cleaning applications.

There are a couple of hyperlinks in the second paragraph to the ‘recipes’ for cleaning products that I make using eucalyptus oil.

One thought on “A Bulk Buy

  1. Wish I was near you I’m nearly out and purchasing some on my next shopping trip. My current bottle is Thursday Plantation and is a glass bottle. I didn’t realise the Bossito is a plastic bottle. I put a capful in my mop bucket every week. I also get tropical ear a lot and have really suffered from it in the past 12 years. The doctor told me i could just use subscription ear drops continually after visit after visit to the docs! So I decided to try cleaning my ear with a little Eucalyptus Oil – At last my tropical ear problems have reduced by 99%. I clean my ears about every second month with it and no longer have runny, clogged, stinky, painful ears. I also had a kind of fungal redness along my jawline after a couple of months of trying different creams (some medical) I thought I’d try a little eucalyptus oil and it reduced within 24 hrs – by a week was gone. It’s amazing stuff.

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