Wardrobe Refresh


It is now over 2 years since I finished full-time work. I worked in a corporate office but not in a customer-facing role so my wardrobe could mostly be described as business casual.

My collection of clothing has gradually evolved to meet my changed lifestyle. Almost all of my purchases have been secondhand.

I generally have kept all of my clothes available in my wardrobe for the entire year but had begun to wonder whether this was really the best option.

Today I removed everything from my wardrobe, tried it on and decided on a course of action. Most of the summer wear went back in the wardrobe. I ended up with 3 other piles.

One pile was things to be donated. There were 4 items – a skirt and top that I made about 6 years ago and I have simply lost interest in them, a pair of trousers that were not quite right and a dress that had been given to me but I decided did not really meet my needs.

The second pile was my winter jackets, coats and trousers which are now in a plastic box on the top shelf.

The third pile was 5 dresses and 2 jackets which are simply too tight. I have put them away in a separate box. I will review these in a few months and decide on their fate.

There is a shirt, dress and pair of trousers missing from this photo as they are in the wash. This is my summer wardrobe along with a couple of pairs of shorts and a few tops which are folded up the drawers.

I think I have enough. Time will tell.

3 thoughts on “Wardrobe Refresh

  1. I like to go through my wardrobe twice a year, at the turning of the seasons, and rationalise much the way you have done here. The biggest difference is that I have normally put the ‘wrong’ season clothes in an old suitcase or guest room wardrobe until the next time. But in the five years since I finished teaching, my wardrobe has progressively shrunk, and now _mostly_ fits in all one place.
    This is satisfying in one way, but also means I see everything all the time, and I am feeling more bored with my clothes than before! So I may go back to shifting things around twice a year.

  2. Mine all fits in the walk in robe space and a set of drawers in the bedroom. Since we returned from our 6 month caravan trip I have worked through clothes three times, each time defining the collection more and more. I have very few items now that require ironing and this suits our caravan holiday lifestyle. I have still kept a small collection of work style tops to wear with black pants in case I do anymore casual work. This weekend I am going to turn all the hangers around on my summer tops and if not worn by winter they will leave. I will do the same for winter when and if it arrives.

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