Harvest Time


I feel as though I am repeating myself when I write about dealing with the masses of cherry tomatoes we are picking. I guess that is to be expected since it happens every year and I have been writing this blog for over 10 years. Some things never change. 🙂

GMan and I picked a couple of buckets of cherry tomatoes the other day. Then it was a matter of rinsing them, removing the stalks and sorting them.

The ripest ones went in the blender then I simmered until the liquid was much reduced.

The final step was to pour into icecube trays and freeze. This is a simple version of tomato concentrate.

Others were bagged up and frozen whole. These are great for throwing in a casserole or making tomato sauce (ketchup) in the off-season.

Some that needed another day of ripening were spread on various trays. Here is one.

The next few weeks will see these activities repeated time and again as we make the most of the seasonal abundance.

2 thoughts on “Harvest Time

  1. Yesterday I brought the last of the season’s tomatoes in from the greenhouse—it’s unheated, so no longer warm enough overnight, though we haven’t had a frost yet. Then my day went a bit like yours: I made a large batch of pasta sauce to freeze in meal sized containers, and ‘sampled’ it for lunch. Later, using somewhat less ripe fruits, I made a smaller batch of hot and spicy salsa, also to freeze, in smaller containers, since we use it as a condiment instead of a main veg portion.
    And there are still a couple of trays of very underripe left to use fresh as they slowly ripen. 😁

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