Selling and Sewing


One of the challenges of having our home for sale and regularly open for inspection is that I cannot leave my sewing room as it is when I am in the middle of a project.

Before we went on holidays I cut out a blouse. I had pinned the darts in place and then had to pack everything away as there were going to be an inspection while we were away.

When I retrieved the project it took me a while to work out where I was up to. Then it was full steam ahead and I finished the blouse. The fabric and buttons were all sourced from my stash.

Here is the work in progress.

The finished blouse.

A close-up showing the wooden buttons and a glimpse of the self-patterned fabric.

While making the blouse, I realised that I needed an appropriate outfit that I would be comfortable wearing to a funeral. I did not want or need the outfit to be black. So, once again I dived into the stash of fabric I had on hand a found a piece of linen/cotton that had been given to me. It is not a colour I would generally wear but I rather liked it so decided that I could make a skirt to go with the blouse.

Unlike some of the more complex details on the shirt such as the one piece collar and the split turnback on the sleeves, the skirt is a very simple pull-on skirt with an elasticised waist.

I was happy with how the entire finished outfit looked.

The sewing room is now looking pristine once again as we have another open inspection tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Selling and Sewing

  1. Well done with creating your outfit even though for a sad occasion. My mum could sew like you Yvonne and even though I haven’t had any interest in attempting to sew since grade 8 I love reading your sewing blogs.

  2. Your blouse is very pretty. Is it possibly made from a damask tablecloth? I recently thrift ed a white tablecloth and plan to repurpose it into a summer dress or blouse.

    • It is like a very lightweight damask but is actually a piece of fabric that was given to me. However, I have made blouses from both tablecloths and lightweight curtains. 🙂 I am sure your damask tablecloth will make a lovely outfit, whatever you choose to sew.

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