Holiday Learning

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Education comes in all sorts of guises and is not necessarily undertaken in the classroom.

It has been school holidays here for the past two weeks and our granddaughters came to visit for a couple of days.  As always, they enjoy activities which they do not have access to at home.

The citrus trees still had plenty of fruit so they picked 2 buckets full of oranges and then it was time to squeeze them.

2017-10-02 01

They both had plenty of opportunity to hone their skills and Olivia was also able to cut the oranges.

The weather has been very dry recently and last week was particularly hot so watering the garden was essential.  There is not a lot growing at the moment but plenty of water has ensured that the young bean plants survived the heat.

2017-10-02 02

It is difficult to think of anything that is more important to learn than nurturing, picking and preparing your own food.  I find it very gratifying to be able to share these skills with the girls and encourage their interest.



A Big Kid Now


Most Australian students start the school year this week.  Miss O is now included in that number.

Good luck with school this week, this year, this life. Study hard. Do your very best. What you put in now, will be repaid later in your life. You might not see the point of it all (I didn’t!) but trust me, it’s all important. Be nice to your friends, respectful to your hard-working teachers, and be kind to your mother and father. Now off you go and have an adventure. Education. No one can ever take it away from you.


Acknowledgment:  Thank you, Patty for the wise words.