Another First


Following on from my first attempt at patchwork, I decided to try my hand at some bunting.  My thoughts on making this is exactly the same as patchwork – it should be about using up the scraps that you have – not buying a bundle of mix’n’match fabrics for a ‘perfect’ look.

Miss O and Izz are here tonight and they were keen to help.  They both gave their opinions on the fabrics we chose to use and Miss O was able to turn the triangles after 2 sides had been stitched.  I completed the turning with the aid of a knitting needle to fashion the point of the triangle.  She also helped to arrange the sequence so that there was a good combination of patterns.


This is what we ended up with – a couple of metres of decorative bunting in a selection of pink tonings.  There are large and small florals, checks, stripes and abstract prints.  Some of the fabric is very lightweight and other is quite heavy.  All of it has been salvaged from the offcuts of other projects – some new and some used.

It is a quick and fun project which uses a relatively small amount of fabric and produces an almost immediate result.  A perfect school holiday activity if you have small helpers!