End of Financial Year

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It is almost the end of June and here in Australia that means it is the end of the financial year.  It is tax time and a busy time for many businesses.  My workload is a bit more than usual this week and it has been compounded by the fact that I was out of the office for 3 days last week at a conference.

So, there is not much time for taking photos or doing anything worthy of a blog post.

While I am busy at work you can enjoy these couple of photos from last week.  It is winter here at the moment but you would not know it.

Some of the accommodation at the resort where we stayed for the conference.

2017-06-28 01

Sunrise at Noosa beach on the shortest day of the year.

2017-06-28 02.JPG

A friend took the sunrise photo and yes, the speck in the water is me.  The morning was cool but the water was beautiful.  Such a refreshing start to the day.

Don’t forget that it is almost July so it is time for another round of ‘Plastic Free July’.  My blog posts for the month will reflect that theme and focus on our commitment to eliminate single use plastic items as much as possible.  Will you join me in trying to make a difference?

2017-06-28 03



A New Year (Financial)


30th June 2013 coincided very neatly with the end of the weekend so a new week, new financial year and a clean slate.  Time to take a fresh look at the finances and goals – tax, superannuation, savings, mortgage payments and other debts.

Even though we constantly track what is happening with our money, it is good to take some time and look at the big picture.  Where are we now and where do we want to be in the future?

By the way, July 1st is also the first anniversary of the introduction of the carbon tax in Australia.  This says it all.

And the world is still spinning on its axis.