Storing the Surplus

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We have a fig tree that we planted about 5 or 6 years ago and for about the last 4 years we have been able to pick enough figs to enjoy a good feed during the relatively short season.  Invariably, the birds get some and some go rotten, particularly the last couple of years when we have had a lot of summer rain.  This season has been mostly warmer than usual and fairly dry.

I have been picking and eating figs when I am in the garden for the past few weeks so yesterday I started picking some and realised that there was an enormous number ready to pick.  Here is the result.  Yes, that is my hat that I collected some in.

2013-02-03 01I ended up with 5 kg of figs so it made sense to preserve some for later use.  I love fig jam but we don’t really eat much jam so thought I would trying drying them in the dehydrator.

2013-02-03 02I filled the 4 trays with cut figs.

24 hours later I have semi-dried figs.

2013-02-3 03I am going to store them in the refrigerator as there is still some moisture in them.  Meanwhile we still have plenty of fresh figs to eat at the moment.