Frugal Food


I know that food prices are constantly rising and there is a lot of angst about the price of fruit and vegetables.  We recently discovered a fruit barn not too far from us and we are very happy with the prices and quality.

I went and bought some fruit and vegetables this afternoon.  Here is what I selected.

1kg carrots
7 nectarines
6 potatoes
5 bananas
1 head of broccoli
1 knob of Australian garlic
6 apples
1 lebanese cucumber

This cost me $11.40.  I would like to know if anyone could honestly construe that as expensive.

On the way home I stopped to fill the car with fuel.  While I was waiting in the queue to pay I noticed the sign above the ice-cream freezer cabinet.  “Magnum Temptation $4.00”  My bag of fruit and vegetables was cheaper than 3 of these fancy ice-creams!  I know which I would rather have.

How do you manage your food budget?

Frugal and Fancy

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Today I want to share a recipe with you.  It is for a dessert – Passionfruit Flummery.  I decided to make it today since I bought a bag of 20 passionfruit for $2 at the market yesterday.  That is 10c each – I could not believe my luck!  They are large fruit, full of tasty pulp.

I hunted out my trusty recipe folder and found this recipe which has been passed down to me from my mother.  I have made it several times over the years – usually for a special occasion dessert.  I remember having this dessert as a treat when I was a child.  What I did not realise was that it is frugal and relies on seasonal produce.  What a perfect way to impress your guests and keep within a reasonable budget.  Unfortunately, I do not have a dinner party coming up so it will be a dessert treat for The Duke and I which will last all week.



2 oranges
6 passionfruit

½ lemon
2 tablespoons plain flour
1 dessertspoon gelatine

1 cup sugar
2 cups water

Squeeze the oranges and lemon, remove pulp from passionfruit.  Place in a jug and set aside.  Mix flour and gelatine with water in a saucepan, add citrus peel (chopped) and sugar.  Bring to the boil and boil for 5 minutes.  Strain through a colander to remove the peels, add juice and pulp and allow to cool.  Beat until stiff and frothy – about 20 minutes.  Place in a glass bowl in refrigerator to set.

I beat the mixture using my Kitchen Aid stand mixer – so much easier than my hand-held beaters and a better result.  The mixture made almost half as much again as it previously has.  I am really looking forward to it as the flummery will be so light and fluffy.

The total cost of this recipe was less than $1 and it has made at least 10 generous serves.

I planned to post photos to go with this post but I am unable to upload them at the moment.  I will post them when everything is working properly.

Frugal – Baking


Today’s post comes under ‘F’ for frugal.

Since we have been away for a bit over 2 weeks there is not much in the way of prepared food in the house, however, there are plenty of staples and ingredients.  Tonight I made pizza for dinner so while the oven was on I also made a boiled fruit cake for snacks and lunches.  The recipe is one that has been passed down to me from my mother.

It is not only recipes but all sorts of kitchen hints and tips that are part of the connection between one generation and the next.  Simple things – like lining a cake tin.

What did we use before baking paper and silicone bakeware?  Butter wrappers and brown paper.  I use this method, especially for fruit cakes just as my mother does and her mother before her.

Cake tin lined with butter wrapper

I had finished making a batch of spreadable butter so had this wrapper which I used to grease the tin and then lined the tin with it.  A heavy paper bag cut to size completed the lining for the sides of the tin.  If the tin is round or irregularly shaped you can use the tip of the scissor blade to trace around the tin for a pattern so that the paper is an exact fit.

Ready to turn into cake tin lining

Prepared cake tin

Fruit cake mixture

The mixture is then added.

Ready to go in the oven

Once the paper is removed the end result is definitely worthwhile.

Fruit cake

Also, to prevent the top of the cake burning you can add several layers of heavy paper or newspaper on top of the cake tin (not touching the surface of the cake).

I will post the recipe in the next few days.

I have completed 1 of my 4 jobs for this week’s challenge. The car is completely cleaned inside and out.