Autumn Activities

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No, I am not buried under a stash of fabric.  In fact, I have not touched my sewing this week so there was no “Sew My Stash Sunday” post this week.  It is easy to see how I get side-tracked and the sewing languishes.  I will get back on track though.

The week was taken up with work and my weekend was spent in the garden and the kitchen.

I retrieved 6kg of cherry tomatoes from the freezer and made sauce (ketchup) as we had run out.  The recipe and details are here.

2015-03-16 01The lemon cordial was made using lemon juice that was frozen from last season.

The Duke and I continued working  on the garden beds and now have 5 completed and the sixth one well underway.

2015-03-16 02The bed in the foreground has lettuce as well as some bok choy seedlings that I transplanted.  The bottom bed has bok choy and ‘Purple King’ climbing beans.  I need to put up some trellis as the beans as almost ready to climb.  The seed is some that I had saved as I think this is one of my favourite beans.  They are purple when picked and change colour when they are cooked.

2011-05-28 01It is still mostly hot here but we do catch faint hints of autumn.  I have bought some seeds but we will also be buying some seedlings at the Yandina Market next Saturday.  We have a relatively short season for growing cool weather crops so we need to be ready and buying seedlings is one way to do it.I would love to grow all my crops from seed but it is just not practical while we are working full-time.

My other big project at the moment is sorting out the photos.  The first step is reinstating all of the photos to the old blog posts.  It is not finished but I am well on the way.  In the process I have found plenty of interesting posts which I will share on ‘Flashback Friday’ each week.  Please feel free to search the archives and see what you find.  If you discover a post which looks like it is missing photos please let me know and I will endeavour to add them.

Redistribution of Resources

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Today has been a cool grey day but after a long week in the office it was good to get outdoors for a while.   The liquidamber tree was looking stunning in red a couple of weeks ago but now there is not much foliage left.

Bare tree
The Duke was mowing the lawn so I decided to spend some time in the vegie garden area.  Much of the area has been covered with several pumpkin vines but they are gradually dying off.  The have had the added benefit of killing off some of the weeds and grass that was growing in the area before we finished the fencing.  It is my goal not to have any lawn within the fenced area.  There will eventually be 9 raised garden beds as well as the blueberry patch which will be all mulced and other beds around the perimeter.

I am not sure how to keep the grass from growing on the paths between the beds but I started today by covering a small area between the ends of 2 of the beds.  I used several layers of newspaper and then some mulch that The Duke had created some weeks ago when he muched a pile of prunings.  I bordered the sides with some rocks, a commodity of which we have an abundance.  This is a bit of a test case as I am thinking of using this method to cover all of the paths/walking areas once the garden beds are finished.

Mulch and rocks

I moved the concrete besser blocks that were bordering this small area.  It was one of the early garden beds we created when we moved here but it is now in the orchard area.

Old garden
I did not take a ‘before’ photo but this is all that is left after the blocks were removed.  There was a cherry tomato growing wild and spreading on the ground so I found a star picket and created a stake for the tomato.  You can so it to the right of the photo.  The plant looks pretty straggly but it still has flowers on it.

Here are the concrete blocks in their new location just inside the fence.  This is the area where I am plaaning to plant asparagus.  I am not sure whether it will be a temporary or permanent home for the blocks.  Wherever I end up using them, I will also fill the blocks with soil and plant in them as well.

Concrete blocks
The cabbages and kale are growing.

Cabbage and kale
I also planted some beetroot, rocket, radish and parsley seeds so I will see what success I have from those.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my garden as much as I enjoyed the time spent working in it this afternoon.