A Tyre(ing) Week

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Tyres are one of those things that we would find it difficult to live without but we really do not give much attention to them until there is a problem.

For GMan, this week has been all about tyres.  Last week he discovered that the ute had a slow leak in one tyre which became not so slow and the cause was a nail.  After after visit to the local tyre shop, we discovered that it could not be repaired so a new one was ordered and he collected that this morning.  Of course, there is a spare tyre but a replacement was necessary.  The ute is back in business.

2015-04-18 01

The ute was not the only wheeled device with issues.  We have a metal handcart which came from my parent’s place but we have not used it recently as it needed a new tyre.  That was not high on the list of things to do but GMan did do it this week.  The only tyres available did not match the original so he bought 2 new ones and the handcart is now sporting a very flash pair of whitewall tyres.

2016-05-14 01

The final project is for later today as GMan needs to pump up the tyres on the mulcher.

2016-05-14 02

Wheels are great, but like everything else, they require a little maintenance from time to time.


Dismantling the Dishwasher


No, I am not getting rid of my dishwasher but simply giving it a thorough clean.  The dishwasher is a 2 drawer Fisher & Paykel which was installed about 7 years ago when we renovated the kitchen.

We regularly wipe over the inside and outside of the machine but had never taken the filter out of the base.    Today I removed the racks, spray arm and the filters.  I used a damp cloth to wipe off any scum and then dried the inside of the drawer with a dry cloth.

2016-03-13 01

I cleaned the filters which had a small amount of scum build-up on the mesh using a kitchen brush and rinsed them in cold water.

Here are all of the pieces drying on the bench.

2016-03-13 02

It was easy to reassemble the drawer and it is ready to use for another 7 years – or perhaps I will clean it sooner.

2016-03-13 03

Whenever you dismantle something for any reason it is important to take careful notice of how it is put together to save any angst when you come to reassemble it.

It is interesting to note that despite the extended time of use the machine generally was quite clean.  I think this is testament to the Kin Kin Naturals dishwasher powder that we use and that GMan is quite particular rinsing dishes before loading them in the dishwasher.

This is a timely reminder to maintain appliances to keep them in good working order.

STREAMLINE – Everyday Maintenance


After you have worked through all of the other steps in the ‘STREAMLINE’ process, it is important not to lapse back into old ways.  Just like changing eating (or any other) habits, if your version of minimalism is to be successful it needs to be an ongoing process.  You will have to work at it constantly and be vigilant at every turn.  Clutter in all its forms is insidious and will soon overwhelm you if you do not have strategies in place to stop it at the door, the mailbox and even your email inbox.

Well-meaning friends and relatives may feel sorry for you when they see your empty spaces and want to give you stuff to fill the gaps.

You did not set out to create a cluttered, over-burdened life – it just happened.  So, it could easily happen again.

“No, thank you” is one of the most powerful things you can say in your quest to keep your stuff at the level which suits you best.  Whether it is a freebie bag at a conference, a loyalty card from a store, a copy of recipe or your great aunt’s tea-set – if it does not fit your goals you can politely refuse the offer.

Dining table

I have refused, decluttered and minimised for several years and still know that there is more to go.  I keep a bag/box in the spare room and as I find things to go they are moved to the box which then goes to the op shop when it is full.  Sometimes it takes ages to gather enough to send off and other times there is a flurry of activity and I take several bags in one weekend.  Having a dedicated receptacle for things that are to be re-homed helps me to keep focused.

I hope you have enjoyed this series and would strongly recommend reading “The Joy of Less” by Francine Jay for more inspiration.  Please share your thoughts on decluttering and minimalism in general and as well as your personal achievements.