Mothers Day Makeover


For those of you who think this post is going to be about me with a new hairstyle or looking particularly glamorous, you are going to be disappointed.

GMan and I spent a good portion of yesterday and today (Mothers Day) working on a garden project.

Here are some before shots.

January 2018

2018-05-13 01

Then we planted some shrubs.

2018-05-13 02

Easter 2018 – GMan and my brother dug 6 holes and put in 3 posts.

2018-05-13 03

GMan and I then finished the remaining posts but then there was no more progress during April as we were busy socialising and celebrating.

Part of the grand plan for this space was to remove a portion of the lawn and plant some low to medium height native shrubs.  We had already planted a few in January and will add some more soon.

GMan dug up all of the lawn in squares then we covered the area with cardboard which we had been collecting for some time.  It makes a great weed suppressant and breaks down over time.  Finally, we covered the area with mulch which had been languishing in a pile below the chicken run.  This mulch resulted from some tress we had lopped ages ago.

I did not take any photos during the process as I was busy loading cut turf into the wheelbarrow and relaying it elsewhere.

2018-05-13 04

We did not have to move the turf too far as we have relaid beside the path just inside the gate.  It is a bit uneven in places but is an improvement on the state of this space previously.

2018-05-13 05

There is more to do yet – we will complete the portico and plant flowering creepers to cover it, plant some more shrubs and build a gabion seat in near the corner of the mulched area.

Like every area of our garden this corner is a work in progress and will develop over time.



Celebration Central

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In the midst of our busy lives it is good to take time out to celebate.

Today is Mothers’ Day and I was lucky enough to be able to spend time with my mother, sister, one of my daughters and 2 granddaughters as well as my husband, brother and brother-in-law.  We gathered at a cafe and shared some morning tea before adjourning to a local park where we could sit in the sun and chat while the children played on the playground.  It was really special and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

A special thought for those whose mothers or children are not in their lives either through death, distance or estrangement.

Meanwhile, I have been working on creating the invitations for The Duke’s milestone birthday celebration in a few months time.  Here is a photo from the ‘archives’ that I am using.

Geoff photo_0002
Finally, there will be celebrating this month when two much awaited babies arrive to loving families that I know.

What is happening in your life and the lives of those around you that is worth celebrating?  Take time out and share the occasion.

Some Reflections

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Today, the second Sunday in May is Mothers’ Day.

It can be a day of celebration, perhaps with your mother, your children or both.

It is also a day of reflection.  Time to think of those who cannot be with their mother.  This may be due to death, distance or estrangement.  Special thoughts for those who have outlived a child, suffered miscarriages or stillbirths or made the difficult choice to place their child for adoption.  Finally, but by no means least  are those who have been unable to conceive – much love and hugs.

2013-05-12 01I was so blessed to spend the afternoon with my mother, daughter and two grand-daughters.  Times like this are to be cherished.

Thoughts for some of the special women in my life for whom this is a bittersweet day (in no particular order) – Pat, Tania, Suzanne, Cath, Patty and Susan.  Thinking of you all.

It really is a day for the sisterhood to reach out and care for all women – whatever their role – mothers, daughters, grandmothers, would-be mothers.