Secondhand Rose


Yesterday I popped into our local Salvos op shop (thrift shop) as I needed a long sleeve shirt. We were going on a walk in a rainforest area as part of a local Landcare group today. The dress code was long pants and long sleeve top plus closed shoes. The weather forecast was for a maximum temperature of 31C so none of my long sleeve tops were really suitable. I went to see if I could get a men’s business shirt that would do the trick but I was surprised to find this collared top with pretty pintucked detailing. The sleeves are actually 3/4 but almost wrist-length on me. My size and $5.

As an added bonus I found a scarf for $3 which goes perfectly with this jumper. I am sure I will find an opportunity to wear it before too long.

I have had several good op shop finds in the last few months including barely worn cotton shorts , canvas denim sneakers as well as a couple of tops.

Buying secondhand makes good ethical sense in my opinion but I am mindful of only buying what I need, regardless of whether it is new or secondhand.

Do you source clothes or other goods secondhand? Do you have a favourite store?

Foodie Friday – A Shopping List


Shopping lists are an essential ingredient if you are to have an organised approach to planning and preparing nutritious meals for your family.  They were around long before the days of personal organisers, smartphones and endless ‘to do’ lists.  My mother has always written her list on the back of a used envelope and I tend to use some sort of scrap or excess paper.

I imagine that the process of writing a list goes back to when shopping day was a major expedition, perhaps by horse and buggy, and it was vital to buy everything that was required for a month or longer.  No popping into the supermarket after work to pick up something for dinner and ending up with $50 worth of impulse buys.

Each week I buy fresh fruit and vegetables for the week plus a few basic items that I need from the supermarket. Although I write a list every week, it really comes into its own when I shop for pantry staples at Simply Good.  I try to do this about every 3 – 5 months as it is a 90km round trip.  I am not using a horse and buggy but I do have a regard for both the environmental impact of driving that distance as well as my time and energy.

Last Saturday was a big shopping day so we set out early.  Our first stop was Simply Good, followed by Aldi, fruit and vegetable stall, the local butcher and finally the Co-op.  I checked the pantry and refrigerator before writing a comprehensive list to ensure that nothing was forgotten.  The list does vary from time to time but this will give you a broad idea of the sorts of ingredients I buy.

Shopping list
As you can see, most of what we eat is whole foods cooked from scratch so I am buying ingredients – not meals.   We eat a gluten-free diet and some of the items reflect this choice.

Next week I will show you my pantry and discuss the storage and organisation which works for me.

Christmas Preparations – A Shopping List


I have a deep-seated aversion to grocery shopping so I do it as rarely as possible.  I particularly dislike the madness that reigns in the lead-up to Christmas and other holiday periods.

I need to restock some of my bulk stores plus buy a few special things for Christmas so I will be going to Simply Good and Aldi on my way home from work on Friday.  I always shop with a list as it helps me to buy only what I actually need and also ensures that nothing gets overlooked.  This is particularly important as it is an 80km round trip to Simply Good from home.

I have checked the stocks, including the bulk buckets that are in the cupboard downstairs.

My shopping list will look something like this:


Rolled oats
Wholemeal plain flour
Puffed rice
Glace cherries **
Psyllium husk
Sunflower seeds
Bran flakes
Icing sugar
Cashew nuts


Corn chips
Turkish bread rolls
Cat food
Canned tomatoes
Chocolate **
Fancy savoury biscuits **

The items marked ** are special for Christmas but everything else is part of our normal shopping.

I aim to not have to go to Simply Good until early March if my calculations of quantities are correct.  I only go every few months now but my aim next year is to actually quantify it and go once per quarter – March, June, September and December.

I will probably go to Aldi once more before Christmas for more cheese, milk and juice.

There should be enough meat to last until early in the New Year and fruit and vegetables are usually bought every 7 – 10 days to supplement whatever is growing in the garden.

What are your Christmas shopping plans?