Foodie Friday – Kids in the Kitchen


I didn’t get back to post this last night.  Miss O and Izz have been staying for a couple of days so the food focus has clearly been about them.  They enjoyed shopping at Simply Good yesterday and discussing many of the different fruits, nuts and grains that we bought.  Miss O was keen to practise her recently acquired spelling skills to read the names of the ingredients on the storage buckets and fill them up when we arrived home.

They picked pumpkins and tomatoes as well as collecting eggs.  It is great to see them understanding where their food comes from.  4 year old Izz wanted an anatomy lesson on how the eggs get out of the chickens!!

Tomorrow we are going to a picnic with extended family so I made some choc fruit nut balls and Miss O helped by rolling the balls in the coconut.

Helping in the kitchen

Apologies for the brevity of this post but I have been working on our Ireland itinerary and looking at ferry timetables and rental car details.

5 thoughts on “Foodie Friday – Kids in the Kitchen

      • Gosh I used to squirm when my kids asked me awkward questions, now they are grown, and guess what, I miss the silly questions.
        Have a nice Easter.
        (We have an Easter story on Mudpile if you care to check it out)

  1. What a joy it must be sharing with the younger ones! Valuable skills being shared along with great memories for them. Did you get into the chicken and the egg and which was first argument? Sounds like a great trip in the making, I’m off to Sumatra next week with my daughter which I am really excited about. Not sure which is most important, the trip or sharing time with her.

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