A Weekend Off

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Well, it has been a little more than just the weekend, but I took a few days off from my blog.

Life has continued much the same as usual.  During the week I go to work.  On the weekend I go shopping to make sure that we have the food that we need.  I plan and prepare meals for the week ahead.  The washing and ironing and done and so the cycle begins again.

I made another quiche using the rice base that I wrote about last week.  This also used up some more of the cream.

2016-02-28 09

The meat supplies were low so I stocked up.  One of the things I bought was gravy beef.  I use this to make casseroles in the slow-cooker and one of my favourites is Braised Steak and Onions.  I will do a separate post about this easy meal.

While I was catching up on general housework, GMan was busy outdoors.  He set himself the task of digging up all of the lawn in the area were we are trying to establish a number of blueberry bushes.  They seem to be struggling and I think it is because they are competing with the lawn for nutrients.  So all of the lawn around them will go and we will mulch the entire area.  As usual, nothing went to waste and the lawn has been re-homed in other areas of the garden.

The chickens really enjoyed the opportunity to scratch around in the freshly exposed earth and found lots of tasty morsels.  Digging is their favourite activity and they never miss an opportunity.

2013-04-28 02

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