A Bumper Crop


It is just as well we like sweet potatoes.  Here is what we dug up on Sunday.  i Have not weighed them but there would have to be at least 20kg.

2016-04-05 01We dug these up from where they had become established in one of the cut down water tanks that we use for the compost.  The sweet potato vines were entwined with the raspberry canes so we decided it was time to pull them out and this was the result.

Sweet potato mash, fries, curry and soup – the options are endless.

I will definitely be trying this one, too.  Thanks, Julia.


2 thoughts on “A Bumper Crop

  1. What a great crop. I only have one sweet potato planted, but I’m looking forward to seeing what it produces. Thanks for the recipe ideas Fairy.

  2. I make that sweet potato quiche all the time now, it is a favourite. I substituted the spinach with bok choy lightly fried in butter and it was delicious. I have some cold roast pumpkin in my fridge so will try this again tonight with that and some zucchini.
    The feta cheese really makes it super yummy.

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