A Quick Return

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Today I picked the first zucchinis of the season.  For an outlay of $2.50 for a punnet of 4 healthy seedlings on 12th September I have harvested 4 zucchini with a total weight of 1.2kg.


This is only the start as there are plenty more small zucchini and flowers yet to mature.


In just less than 6 weeks – 40 days to be precise – the transformation was complete.  The leaves are drooping in the heat of the day.  You can also see the last of the lettuce and bok choy which were planted at the same time and we had been harvesting for about 3 weeks.


I have not grown a great deal over the past couple of years as I just seem to have been too busy but I am determined to make more of an effort and successes like these definitely inspire me to keep going.





What a Difference

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……a week makes!

These are the seedlings when I planted them a little over a week ago.


And here they are a week later.


The comparison is not entirely accurate as the photo is taken from the opposite end of the garden.

Everything has more than doubled in size but the zucchini have shown the most spectacular growth.

Unfortunately, something is having a munch on a couple of the bok choy – probably caterpillars from the white cabbage moth.  I could try covering them or I might try a tip I saw on ‘Gardening Australia’ last week.  Sophie has made fake white moths attached to small stakes in the garden because, apparently, the white moth is territorial and the fakes bluff the real moths into thinking they have to go somewhere else.  It would be wonderful if it really is that easy.



Gloriously Gluten-Free

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I made a gluten-free lasagne for dinner tonight.  That is not particularly earth-shattering as I know that you can buy gluten-free pasta and I have used it on previous occasions.  However, this time I was inspired by a Facebook post from a friend and decided to substitute the lasagne sheets with sliced zucchini.

I use a combination of potato flour and chickpea flour to make the bechamel sauce.

Here are all of the components prepared before I assembled the lasagne.


The last layer in place.

010Ready to serve.

001Plated up.

002The verdict?

The zucchini did not provide as much support as lasagne sheets, therefore, the lasagne did not translate neatly in one piece onto the plate.  The taste was excellent which means it was a success by my standards.  I would definitely make this again with a few adjustments.  I would make the meat sauce drier which I think would help in maintaining the shape.  The zucchini could perhaps be sliced a little thicker.  You could also make the serves in individual ramekins.